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Cappelen Dimyr

Family Affair


Cappelen Dimyr is an artistic collective based in Copenhagen, which was founded in 2018 by four creatives – two sisters plus one sister’s husband and a friend -- with the goal of making quiet yet sophisticated, richly textured handmade rugs inspired by the rustic southeast coast of Sweden. The collective produces striking made-to-order rugs rendered in natural fibers in earthy, neutral tones. Designed in Scandinavia, each rug is handmade in India in collaboration with local artisans applying their knowledge and craftsmanship. Its workshops are authorized by Good Weave Certification and the certification of Care & Fair. Soft and plush, the rugs speak with the calm elegance of refined Scandinavian design.




Cappelen Dimyr only use natural fibers such as unbleached linen and wool that gives each product that has a minimal harmful impact on the environment. Each piece is trimmed by hand, washed with natural soap and dried under the sun. No chemicals are used in any part of the production. Cappelen Dimyr constantly stive to improve the practices in order to respect people and the planet and the rugs are certified by Good Weaves Certification and Care & Fair.


Pieces of Art

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